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Windows 8 Tips

8.1. This page was not originally planned for this, my first web site. I will be adding much more here as my use of Windows 8 generates more thoughts to share.

8.2.  The introduction of the Metro and removal of the traditional Start menu in Windows 8 has not been readily accepted by many computer users. For those who prefer to continue to use the more traditional ways to access programmes and file I recommend this alternative Windows 7 style Start Menu for Windows 8:

When you download and install many users may prefer not to also get Advanced System Care, which is a registry cleaner and optimiser. To avoid getting the unwanted extra you should uncheck the pre-checked box during the download and install operation.

Once installed you will see a Start button in the bottom left of the Desktop screen. Right click on the button and select Settings ( Alt+S ) to customise the menu

8.3. If you intend to use the metro then you will find one keyboard shortcut Win+X very helpful as it gives  instant access to a number of Windows Features.
To access the Control Panel select Win+X and click on Control Panel. Also accessible from the same drop down menu are Computer Management, Command Prompt, Command Prompt (Admin), Desktop, Device Manager, Disk Management, Event Viewer, Power Options, Programs and Features, Run, Search, System and Task Manager.