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1.6. Where it is affordable an extra investment in the processor may be a smart move as upgrading later may not be easy and may prove expensive because you may need to replace the motherboard and memory to do so.

1.7. At any time RAM can be added within the maximum allowed by the motherboard.

1.8. To achieve best performance a solid state drive, at least for the operating system and programmes, is desirable. Larger solid state drives are too expensive for most users budgets but 128 gb and 256 gb drives are now becoming more affordable. One or two conventional drives can be added to provide storage for larger programmes, data files and archives. Two medium sized drives may be prefered to one large drive to spread the risk of drive failure.

1.9. For a gaming computer the choice of graphics card is a key component. Not being a gamer I do not offer advice on graphics cards, save to observe that you get what you pay for.

1.10. When choosing components a useful website is Passmark, which benchmarks or rates components in terms of performance and value for money.

1.11. Amazon is a useful site to guage relative prices and customers reviews give helpful feedback.

1.12. Many users seek fast boot times. A solid state drive will make have a major impact on the time. Another factor that will cause delay are drivers failing to load. Check device manager for problematic drivers. What loads on start will also affect boots times.






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