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4.20. The fourth icon is labelled Options. A lot of configuration options are available there. You can set cCleaner to run when you boot but remember this will slow the boot. Another setting enables you to include / exclude cookies. Yet another enables named files to be excluded.

4.21. Running Disk CleanUp or cCleaner should be followed up by running a defragmenter, unless you have a solid state drive. You can rely on the Microsoft Disk Defragmenter to do this automatically but this misses out on an ideal opportunity to defragment files and free disk space before new files are added. You can manually run the Microsoft Disk Defragmenter but this tool does not allow many configuration options and has a poor user interface. Using a freeware third party defragmenter can solve these problems.

4.22. I recommend Defraggler, which has a more helpful user interface and offers more options. Defraggler defragments large files, which the Microsoft provided defragmenter does not do. You can download Defraggler from:

4.23. Open Defraggler and click on Analyse.  When this has completed click the File List tab and check All files. As a defragmenter is not able to defragment certain files you should uncheck these files to avoid wasting time. The files to uncheck are the hiberfil.sys file and any file in the system volume information folder.

4.24. If you have a very large file and limited free disk space you can find the file cannot be defragmented. Depending on the file type you can copy the file to another drive. Delete the file on the first drive and defragment the partition. When you copy the file back to the original drive you should get a contiguous file or one with far fewer fragments. You can achieve a similar result for a fragmented pagefile by setting no pagefile, defragmenting the partition and then immediately recreating the pagefile.

4.25. Normally after defragmenting the system will show a percentage still fragmented. This should be disregarded because it is not easily avoidable. Fragmentation percentages provided by any defragmenter are often not helpful as what is taken into or not taken into account i
s commonly not disclosed.

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