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4.16. The third icon you see when you open cCleaner is Tools. If you click on this icon it gives you access to further routine maintenance options. The first two tools are Uninstall and Startup. I do not use these Tools, preferring to use other software options. The third Tool is System Restore, which is covered in the next paragraph. The fourth tool is Drive Wiper and you will find comments on this Tool later.

4.17. Removing System Restore points can be important if you have limited free disk space. The ability to remove them is one of the Tools options. You can selectively remove those created at less important times. This makes it easier to hold restore points for longer periods without retaining large unwanted files, which the inflexible approach adopted by Disk CleanUp fails to offer.

4.18. You cannot remove the latest restore point using Disk CleanUp or cCleaner. If the latest restore point contains malware you can turn off and then turn system restore back on. This has the disadvantage that all restore points are removed when you may wish to retain older restore points that are not infected. The way to get round this problem is to create a new restore point when you are satisfied your computer is free of malware and then remove the infected restore point.

4.19. In normal circumstances you most likely will rarely need to use Driver Wiper. However, there are some situations like if you were giving the computer to someone else, when the Tool might be useful. Drive Wiper, when opened, generates a warning message, which should not be dismissed lightly. Using Drive Wiper for the wrong reason could have serious consequences.

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