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4.11. If more than one person uses the computer and they have their own user Log on, you need to run Disk CleanUp in each user profile to remove all unwanted files.

4.12. A better alternative programme to Disk CleanUp is cCleaner. The freeware version works well for a home user and should be downloaded from the programme provider Piriform:

4.13. When you open cCleaner you will see four large icons to the left of the window. These are Cleaner, Registry, Tools, and Options. For routine maintenance you would normally access Cleaner (this is not the Registry Cleaner mentioned later). When using for the first time you can just accept the default settings.

4.14. Some comments on settings. On my computer I do not have boxes before Saved Passwords selected. In a less secure environment you might check this option and set cCleaner to automatically run on starting the computer. You may also not want to check boxes before Start Menu Shortcuts, Desktop Shortcuts and Autocomplete Form History. I also have not checked boxes before Memory Dumps, Windows Error reporting and Windows Event logs. You need to check the boxes to suit your requirements. Getting options wrong first time causes irritants not disasters.

4.15. The second icon you see when you open cCleaner is Registry. One reservation many experienced users have regarding cCleaner is that it comes with a Registry Cleaner. This tool should not be used. Using a Registry Cleaner, however good it is, provides negligible benefits and there is always the risk of creating insoluble system errors, which can only be resolved by reinstalling the operating system and all that entails. You avoid any possible problems by not clicking on the Registry icon.

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