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5.11. Freezes can result from components overheating? With a desktop you need to remove the right hand side panel and remove any dust bunnies clogging fans. Also check that all fans are working. To be safe switch the computer off and pull out the power lead before removing the side panel. You can then switch the computer back on and check that the fans are working.

5.12. Switch the computer off and allow some time for it to cool down. It is best to use a wrist band, which you clip on the computer case, to earth yourself before touching anything inside the casing. You can buy one from a computer accessory shop. Static electricity can damage a motherboard if you do not take precautions. Use a small brush to remove the dust bunnies around the fan on the processor. Use an Air Duster to clean the power supply fan. Removing dust bunnies should reduce the noise your computer makes. It can also reduce overheating, which can lead to Blue Screen of Death errors.

5.13. With a laptop you can use an Air Duster to clear vents. To improve air circulation under the base of the computer use a laptop air cooler.

5.14. If the freeze always involves the same programme then you should uninstall and reinstall the programme and check that you have the latest updates. You can also use Google to find out whether others have or have had the same problem. Focus your searches using key words, extracts from Event Viewer descriptions perhaps, and limit results to those within 12 months. Many programmes have dedicated forums where other users may be able to help.

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