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6.16. (continued) Three solutions for repeating updates:

For repeating Net framework updates try:

For other r
epeating updates

Try selecting Start, Control Panel, Programs and Features, View Installed Updates and remove the repeating update listed there. Restart the computer and manually reinstall the update.

6.17. If you have failing Microsoft Office updates Select Start , Control Panel, Programs and Features. Place the cursor on Microsoft Office, right click and select Change. Click Repair and Continue. When it completes restart your computer.

6.18. What should you do if you need to remove an update? The correct way to remove an installed update:

You need then to hide the update to prevent it reinstalling select Start, All Programs, Windows Update, Check for Updates. When the list of available updates appears right click on the update and select Hide.

You should not use system restore to remove an update!

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