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6.13. Next run System File Checker

Unfortunately it is not uncommon for System File Checker to find and not be able to repair corrupted files. In theory you can try to replace the corrupted files but it usually is not a practical solution.

The final operation to try to resolve failing update may need to be an in place upgrade: or
to reinstall the operating system. However, see Paragraph 6.14 below, as an analysis of a report by a person experienced in interpreting a report from the Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostics Tool, may disclose a resolvable problem.

6.14. The Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostics Tool can detect problems which are preventing updating. The report is particularly difficult to interpret and it is recommended that you copy and paste the results in a question to the Install, Upgrade and Activate forum, part of the Microsoft Community forums,  for further analysis:

6.15. If install failures relate to Net Framework try the Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool

 6.16. Repeating updates are another problem often seen by users. The updates are offered and fail every time the computer is booted. The difference from repeated failures is that a copy of the update has installed. You can check which it is by selecting  Start, Control Panel, Programs and Features, View Installed Updates and seeing if the repeating update is listed there.

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