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Windows Update

6.1. Many users encounter significant problems updating windows. Paragraphs 6.2 to 6.4 below are a series of notes which may help resolve some of the simpler and more common problems.

The process of installing updates comprises downloading, installing and configuring the operating system to use the new updates. Some updates require the computer to be restarted and when this occurs configuring occurs as the system is shut down and rebooted. Do not interrupt the process as configuration involves making changes to the registry, which If interrupted, can result in a computer that will not boot.

6.3. A lot of problems arise from using automatic update. You may prefer to change this setting so that Windows does not automatically update. Select Start, All Programs, Windows Update, Change Settings. Under Important Updates is a box showing the current setting. Click on the Arrow down to the right and change the selection to “Check for Updates but let me choose whether to download and install them” and click OK. This change will give you more control over the updating process and enable you to update at a time convenient to you. Without this change if the computer is a laptop you risk the computer updating when the computer is reliant on it's battery for power. Manually update when the computer is connected to a mains supply. If you have failing updates you should update manually to avoid the over long time it can take to know whether a fix has worked.

6.4. To manually update select Start, All Programs, Windows Update, Check for Updates. Check the boxes before the updates you want to install, click Install and click again on Install in the next window and the process of installing starts. You should let the process proceed without interruption. Multi-tasking at the time updating is in progress is unwise. The progress window will tell you what is going on. You need to be patient. Use a cable connection rather than a wireless connection whenever you can, as this provides a quicker and more reliable download.

A single update may cause all  to fail to install. If this occurs you should install one at a time so that you can find out which update is causing the problem.
Manually installing and restarting your computer also allows you find out more quickly whether the problem is resolved. Automatic updating is a scheduled operation, which may execute up to 24 hours later.


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