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9.4. To post a link giving access to your OneDrive where you placed the files to be shared, place the cursor in your internet browser Address Bar, right click and select Select All. Right click again and select Copy to place the address in your Clipboard. Place the cursor in an open message there, right click and select Paste.

9.5.  If you are asked to post a copy of your System Information file
type System Information in the Search Box above the start Button and press the ENTER key (an alternative is Select Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Information). Select File, Export and give the file a name noting where it is located. Do not place the cursor within the body of the report before exporting the file. The system creates a new System Information file each time system information is accessed. You need to allow a minute or two for the file to be fully populated before exporting a copy. Please upload to your OneDrive (formerly Sky Drive), share with everyone and post a link in your message. Reports in normal mode are preferable Please say if the report has been obtained in safe mode. Your System Information file is much more useful when diagnosing problem than a summary of your computer specification.

Some users have worries about providing system details in a public forum. Technical reports like the System Information and Event Viewer reports are about how your system works and do not relate to personal data, which you naturally wish to protect. You only need to leave a file in your OneDrive for the limited time necessary for the other party to retrieve the file.

Having requested thousands of reports in Microsoft forums in recent years, I can only say that I have never encountered a complaint that an exchange of files has contributed to a breach of the users security and a loss of personal data. I am not an expert in computer security but breaches of security occur when a user allows direct access to their computer. 

Access can be granted by the user knowingly allowing direct access or access being achieved by deception or trick though a camouflaged link in an incoming email or other communication.

If you look at other threads in the Microsoft forums you will find many other users sharing files, notably by those seeking help with diagnosing the causes of blue of death crashes. Exchanging copies of files is an extremely practical way to aid and expedite the finding of a solution to the problem the user has. The Microsoft Community Forums are moderated public forums. Abuse of whatever kind in these forums is rigorously dealt with and those seeking to abuse others are excluded from using the forums. However, I have never seen the type of abuse some fear reported.

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