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9.1. The Microsoft Community Forums are an excellent source of helpful advice to enable you to resolve problems with your computer and to advance your understanding and knowledge whether you use a computer for work or leisure.  I have benefited enormously from them over the years.

9.2.  Easy and quick access to your profile to view answers to your questions and threads you are interested in can be easily be set up in Internet Explorer.

Access your profile, making sure you have signed in. Click on All Threads, click on the Star towards the top right of the screen (you will need to press F11 to see it if you are reading Full Screen), click the scroll to the right of Add to Favourites and select Add to Favourites Bar. Edit the long name to something memorable and you can immediately access your threads from your Internet
Explorer Home Page.

To display the Favourites Bar click View on the Menu Bar, select Toolbars and check Favourites Bar.

9.3. When you need to provide information to those offering to help you can use OneDrive to share files. Instructions on uploading files to your OneDrive follow:

9.3.1. Copy all files to be uploaded to a single location or folder in Windows Explorer.
9.3.2. Click on this link:
9.3.3. Click Upload. 1 ( refer to image below)

9.3.4. Navigate in Windows Explorer to the location where you placed the file(s).
9.3.5. Place the cursor on the file to be uploaded and click the Open button.

9.3.6. You need to repeat steps 3 to 5 for each file where you are uploading more than one file.
9.3.7. Move the cursor over each file to be shared, check the box in the top right corner of the file  2 , and click Share 3 .

9.3.8. Click Get a link 4

9.3.9. Click Copy 5 to place the address in your Clipboard.

9.3.10. Place the cursor in an open message to the Microsoft Community Forum, right click and select Paste.

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